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love letters story

I am the designer/maker and director of Love Letters by Lisa Pittar.


I have a classic ‘monkey mind’, a human condition that drags me into a tornado of duty, responsibility, the future, the past and anything else it sweeps up on its chaotic journey.

As a visual art student in the 80’s, I found serenity and self love for the first time in a world of creativity and concept. I succeeded in graduating with several awards. Travel overseas followed, along with the ongoing search for ‘self’. I stumbled across some hilarious Danes who suggested I look Danish, and I became consumed with fantasy.

I uttered the words ‘I love you’ for the first time in England and returned to Australia followed by 38 love letters, one for everyday my fiancé and I were apart.


Post-graduate studies followed, along with an enthusiasm to support contemporary jewellery in Australia. I established 331-SDS Jewellery Gallery, Darlinghurst, and represented a stable of emerging contemporary jewellers. It was the year of the “recession we had to have” and I saw it as the time to create reality out of fantasy.

Soon I had 3 beautiful sons, and the discovered my equal Danish and German gene pool. My searching for ‘self’ was complete. Or so I thought…


Divorce lead to an intensive period of soul searching through personal development. My ‘monkey mind’ had hit a critical level of destruction. Affirmation cards were viewed daily and the positive message dissipated as fast as a soluble tablet.

I needed a reminder to “PAUSE and remember what’s important”, yet the ‘pause’ remained elusive. It is impossible to take a conscious breath and simultaneously be in the mind, so a palladium ring hand engraved with the word “BREATHE” became my visual daily reminder. It worked so well, I intuitively thought of other words that would positively and lovingly inspire esteem. Words of inspirational love, a love letter to myself. 


What would it take to CREATE self love? I would need to REALISE that I could, REALISE I was worth it. The basis of creativity is ENTHUSIASM, I knew this was lying just below the surface. ACTION was required, metaphorically, I needed to pick up a pen and start writing. I had no option but to TRUST myself and the universe for no matter what EXPERIENCE I had, I would ‘be’ OK. Finally I would need help via my connection with the universe and one of the most widely used  prayers….SERENITY .

As I write my GRATITUDE list daily, I am reminded of the LOVE that surrounds me, the GRACE bestowed on me when I consciously LETGO, BREATHE and come into the NOW. 


Love Letters are designed as the precious portable reminder for you to listen to your heart. The mind and the body are your means to Pause and remember what’s important….you.

I hope my Love Letters will inspire others to develop greater self-love and be empowered, encouraged, equipped and affirmed to reach their full potential.

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