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Lisa Pittar is a highly accomplished designer whose work has been widely exhibited in Australian galleries – recognised for her innovative approach to jewellery design. An experienced maker, who also produces commissioned works, remodelling and repairs from her Sydney-based studio using a range of materials including plastics, gemstones, gold, palladium and platinum. 

Since childhood, Lisa has been interested in the details of nature and its colours, texture and shapes. Lisa’s creations also draw on the rules of the mid-20th century Modern era of simple design using natural materials and clean lines. She is inspired by the connection between the ‘internal’ and ‘external’, and by her two wonderful mentors, Sylvia Ross from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales with whom she studied under, and Des O’Brien – friend, surrogate dad and one of Australia’s most gifted illustrators since World War II.

Lisa’s new and unique handmade jewellery collection, Love Letters by Lisa Pittar, imbues the current worldwide wave of mindfulness and her dream of bringing modern design and spiritual wellbeing to the masses so everyone could be inspired by the possibilities opened up by a great visual message such as ‘BREATHE’, ‘LET GO’ and ‘TRUST’.

 Love Letters was created as a way to combine her need for creativity with an ongoing practice of personal development. Her unique range of rings, bangles and necklaces are perfect gifts for special occasions or ones own life difficulties. 

Each piece is crafted primarily from sterling silver and gold using the most ethical processes. Computer aided design, high-resolution wax printing and investment casting allow for the fine detail in the font and shape.  Hand fabrication and polishing techniques are also utilised.

Lisa’s designs are inspired by the inscribed word, symbol or message and are unique reminders to pause and remember what’s important – for instance, that creation requires risk, or to be present in the moment. 

She hopes her pieces will inspire others to feel self-love and be empowered, encouraged, equipped and affirmed to reach their full potential.

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