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  • “Charlotte Perriand – An Icon of Modernity”

    “2015 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most significant collections of contemporary design, the LC Collection, along with the commemoration of the 50 years since Le Corbusier passed away. To celebrate the anniversary, Cult and Cassina present the exhibition “Charlotte Perriand - An Icon of Modernity” in our Sydney and Melbourne showrooms from September-October, 2015.” CULT Design.

    One of the most influential furniture designers of the early modern movement, Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) was a French architect and designer who aimed to create functional living spaces in the belief that better design helps in creating a better society. Perriand introduced the ‘modernist’ aesthetic to interiors in the steel, aluminium and glass furniture she created at Le Corbusier’s architectural studio in the late 1920s and 1930s.

    Pernette Perriand-Barsac worked alongside her mother as her personal assistant. Since her mother’s passing Pernette and her husband, Jacques Barsac, have dedicated themselves to keeping the legacy of Charlotte Periand alive through curating exhibitions, authoring books and launching new design collaborations. 

    In order to promote the exhibition, CULT was giving away 2 /4 volumes of the books in exchange for participants to take pictures of Charlotte's furniture and post on Instagram. Pernette Perriand and Jacques Barsac would be the judges and announce winners on the night of the exhibition opening. Lisa Pittar went on to win the competition and was lucky enough to be rewarded with 2 of the volumes.

    Lisa Pittar, Jaques Barsac and Pernette Perriand-Barsac




     "Well done for your photos, they are all magnificent." J.B.

    "I love all your photos and very beautiful jewellery"J.B.


    Vol 1 and Vol 2 are available from CULT for approx $250 each.

  • Photoshoot for Love Letters by Lisa Pittar

    The Love Letters by Lisa Pittar collection was recently photographed by the amazing Julie Crespel Photography, utilising the divine features of model Bianca Dovey. The day was an amazing success partly thanks to our multi talented host, Caroline from, who served us homemade organic, sugar free treats, on the deck of her light infused home on the water at Mosman. The shoot was organised by Raw Fashion Agency, The incredible natural look make-up was performed by 

    Here are some exclusive behind the scenes pictures from the shoot. Styled by Lisa Pittar and Raw Fashion Agency.

    Photographing the talented designer Lisa Pittar

    Rozlyne styling the beautiful Bianca Dovey

    Lisa on set making the final touches

    The beautiful Bianca Dovey
  • Love Letters by Lisa Pittar

    Love Letters are unique reminders to pause and remember what's important – A reminder to take a breath before speaking. That creation requires risk. The serenity to know the difference between what we can and can't change. Or to simply love. More discreet than a tattoo, they're easily changed when a new message is desired. Created in Sydney, Australia. Love Letters are unique pieces of jewellery made with love by Lisa Pittar.

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